Whether you are deciding on a corporate structure, buying or selling a business, or need a business contract prepared or reviewed, Avery Law Office will work with you to find solutions to your needs.


Sole proprietorship, general partnership, corporation, joint venture? Choosing the right structure for your business is necessary to give your business the best start possible. Even if your business has been operational for some time, the structure may need to be altered due to changes in circumstances. The best structure for you can be a complex question depending upon many factors including financial and tax consequences, liability issues and practical circumstances. Avery Law Office can help you with this decision and assist you in making your business a success.


Acquiring a business often requires a decision between a share purchase and an asset purchase. The decision is very important and each has significant consequences in terms of income tax, conveyancing costs and assignments, liabilities, minority shareholder interests, employee obligations and goodwill, amongst others. At Avery Law Office, we can help you structure your acquisition or sale transaction so you achieve maximum benefit for your deal.


We can assist you with the completion of your corporation’s annual filings with the BC Registry and your annual resolutions addressing matters such as your financial statements, officers and annual reference periods. If you require a location to store your corporate record minute book, we can hold your minute book for you and act as your corporation’s registered and record office.