Elder Law

One of the primary focuses at Avery Law Office is to assist our clients with their estate planning, asset protection planning and long-term care planning.

Do you feel like you know the value of a plan, but don’t know where to start?  Avery Law can help.

At Avery Law, we work with our clients to make develop thorough plans, while striving to keep each individual plan as simple as possible.

Our planning process includes multiple considerations such as the transfer of assets (How do you get your estate to go where you want it to go?), tax considerations (How do you give less to the government?) and long-term care costs (Will there be something left to inherit?).


Estate and Personal Planning

Estate Planning

How do I avoid probate?
How much are probate fees in BC?
How do I provide for a disabled beneficiary?
How do I protect my heir from themselves?
What is a testamentary trust for my minor children or grandchildren?

Assets Transfer

What does it mean to own property as joint tenants?
What is the right of survivorship?
What is the benefif of a beneficiary designation in my RRSP, TFSA or my segregated funds account?
How can I document a gift I made during my life?
Should I add my child to the title of my home?

Personal Planning

What is a power of attorney?
I am nervous about giving a power of attorney, how can I protect myself?
Who will make medical decisions for me if I can’t?
What is an advance directive?
If I don’t plan correctly, is it true that someone will have to apply to court to take care of me as my guardian?

As an office with a focus on elder law, Avery Law Office helps seniors and their families with a variety of legal issues in a respectful manner that recognizes the dignity and autonomy of older adults.  Our services include the following:

  • Provide legal assistance during a care crisis whether at home, in assisted living or other care facility
  • Plan and administer an estate to comply with estate laws and save family members time and headaches
  • Assist with special needs planning, such as when grandparents wish to leave gifts for grandchildren who are receiving government benefit
  • Represent committees in committeeship applications
  • Create alter ego and joint spousal trusts to avoid probate and preserve assets
  • Help older adults understand their legal rights and empower them to stay independent as long as possible

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