Employment Law

There are rights and obligations that govern the actions and relationship between an employer and employee. Learn everything you need about employment law with Anne-Marie as she dives into this important topic.

As the law surrounding employment relationships has become more complex, we can assist both employees and employers to ensure all legal rights are protected.

More specifically we can assist with the following:

  • Drafting, reviewing and enforcing employment agreements, severance agreements and restrictive covenants
  • Guidance regarding constructive dismissal and wrongful dismissal including drafting termination letters and releases
  • Guidance for employers or employees regarding provincial employment and human rights legislation
  • Preparation of non-competition agreements and confidentiality agreements
  • General advice on topics relating to employment relationships

If you are needing assistance either as an employer or employee, please feel free to contact Avery Law Office to get the help you are needing today.

From the Employment Law Blog

Quitting is Not Always Quitting

In an ideal world an employee will quit by providing a two week notice and at the end of the two weeks will stop working. Sometimes though an employee gets so frustrated and states “I quit” and walks out of the place of the employment. As an employer though one cannot...

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Anne-Marie, Avery Law Office, Summerland

Anne-Marie is a Juris Doctorate graduate from Thompson Rivers University. She earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science from Saint Francis Xavier University in 2018. Her field of interest is Employment Law which she is excited to discuss and spread awareness about.


There is now an employment law office in Summerland, as Avery Law Office has added new services to the award-winning law firm, which has been providing elder law, real estate, will and estates, and business law since Denese Espeut-Post opened the practice in 2011.