Full Trade-Mark Services in the South Okanagan

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Full Trade-Mark Services in the South Okanagan

Here at Avery Law Office, we offer a complete range of trade-mark services.  As a registered trade-mark agent, we can assist you with your trade-mark application and represent you before the Canadian Intellectual Property Office.

We offer trade-mark prosecution, portfolio management and advisory services which includes the performance of trade-mark searches, and the evaluation of registrability of non-traditional marks such as packaging, sound, three dimensional shapes and color-only marks. We can assist you with domain name and Internet advisory services involving trade mark protection. Let us centrally manage and monitor your global trade-mark filings and handle administrative matters such as the use of your mark by others and related tasks such as billing and reporting.

We can provide you with advice, negotiate and draft trade-mark assignment and licensing agreements. We can help you navigate commercial transactions with trade-mark related issues. We can also assist you in policing your mark, engaging in due diligence and audits. We can handle your trade-mark opposition and cancellation proceedings and trade-mark infringement litigation. 

This this information is not intended to be a substitute for legal advice. Individuals should consult with their personal legal professional regarding the information provided herein.

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