Real Estate

Avery Law Office can handle your real estate needs including personal and commercial land purchases and sales and conveyancing. We can also assist you with easements, options and rights of first refusal.



If you purchase or sell a residential or commercial property, Avery Law Office can assist you with the completion of the purchase and/or sale and the registration of the necessary documents for the transfer of title in the land and personal property, if any. We can draft purchase contracts, review existing contracts and handle the legalities of your financing arrangements.


Land Acquisition

Land acquisitions include the acquisition of an existing vineyard, orchard and winery as well as the acquisition of vacant land for the development of a vineyard, orchard or winery. This type of transaction can be very complex and Avery Law Office can facilitate a smooth transaction and help you avoid surprises on closing day. We will consider a series of issues to ensure your interests are protected and that there are no barriers to your future use of the land acquired.