Grape Supply Agreements

Posted on: June 22, 2012


Here are some terms to think about for grape supply and purchase agreements:

  • Length of agreement – set years? Evergreen? Commencement date?
  • Termination
  • Price – By ton? By acre? Fixed price or price schedule? Yearly adjustments in price?
  • Review of Price – Any bonuses?
  • Timing of Payments – Annually? Payments throughout year?
  • Grower Security – Payments held in trust? Personal guarantees for payment?
  • Determination of Cropping Levels and Viticultural Practices
  • Dispute resolution – Mediation? Arbitration?
  • Damage to Equipment – Payment of cost to repair?
  • Winery involvement in Vineyard Operation – Pruning? Spraying? Canopy Management? Irrigation? Pest control?
  • Determination of harvesting dates – Who determines? Criteria?
  • Amount of Time to Harvest – Penalties if time exceeded?
  • Picking/Transport/Weighing of Grapes
  • Determination of “quality” – BE SPECIFIC! Sugar levels? Acid levels? Handling of grapes? Grape contact with foreign substances?

See you legal advisor to assist you with the preparation of your agreement and ensure your interests are protected.

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