Duty of Care

Published in Orchard and Vine Magazine on: December 11, 2012

The holiday season is here. It is the time to make merry and enjoy holiday celebrations. Many of you with employees may be planning a business Christmas party where alcohol is served. While you are deciding on the food to be served and gifts to give away, take a few moments to think about the “duty of care” you may owe to your employees at your party and steps you should take to minimize your risk of liability.


A Lawyer in your Back Pocket

Published in Orchard and Vine Magazine on: October 19, 2012

You can pay me in apples. Or cherries.  

Before moving to the Okanagan Valley three years ago, my husband and I thought about moving to the area and earning fruit for a living. (more…)

Have the Grapes Really Been Freed?

Published in Orchard and Vine Magazine on: October 16, 2012

With all the excitement surrounding the long awaited legislative amendment of the Importation of Intoxicating Liquors Act (IILA), have you taken the time to consider how the alteration may affect you and your business? The amendment is impacted by provincial law that creates some confusion regarding the real application of the IILA revision to a consumer and the true impact of the amendment, which will vary from province to province. You may choose to do nothing differently at all because the impact on you is minimal.